We are utilizing our original manufacturing technique for manufacturing better products with which customers are highly satisfied.


In our plant facilities, we are able to perform integrated operations from cultivation to purification as well as pulverization. Abundant fermentation techniques that we have built up over many years and the result of our continuous efforts have been reflected on making daily products.

Based on the policy "The process up to wastewater treatment belongs to manufacturing", our plat is equipped with a large-scale wastewater treatment facility to treat wastewater from the manufacturing plant, we have paid close attention to environmental problems.

Manufacturing process of the lactic acid bacteria powder

Manufacturing process of the lactic acid bacteria powder and the equipments that are used in the process are shown in the left flowchart and the right photos, respectively. The lactic acid bacteria powder is manufactured in our plant after going through the following processes: preparation of medium (upper left), cultivation (bottom left), harvesting of lactic acid bacteria (middle), condensation (bottom right) and drying (upper right).