About Nichinichi

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Nichinichi pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Head office 239-1 Tominaga, Iga-city, Mie 518-1417
President & Chief Executive Officer Shokichi Yasumoto
Founded February 14, 1987
Capital ¥85 million
Employees 60
Main Bank The Mie Bank, Ltd., Kitaiseueno Shinkin Bank, The Hyakugo Bank Ltd.
Outline of Business Research & development of lactic acid bacteria and beneficial bacteria, manufacture of health food, and sale of medical and pharmaceutical products
1. Manufacture of beneficial lactic acid bacteria “FK-23”
2. Manufacture of FK-23 contained foods (Protesun and Fekalin)
3. Manufacture of dietary supplements
4. Manufacture of health foods containing beneficial bacteria
5. Sale of medical and pharmaceutical products containing Kampo materials
6. Manufacture of health food containing functional materials
7. Contract animal-testing services
8. Sale of allergen test kits and contract testing services


Tokyo headquarters Kuramae Central Building 4F,3-1-10,Kuramae,Taito-ku,Tokyo 111-0051
Osaka headquarters 3-6-17 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0012
Nagoya headquarters GS Sakae Building 2F,5-26-39,Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoya-city,Aichi 460-0008
Chubu Logistics Services Center 812,sunomata,sunomata-cho,ogaki-city,Gifu 503-0102


1987 February Nichinichi Food Co., Ltd. was established.
1987 September Operation of the first plant was started.
1990 June Operation of the second plant was started.
1993 February Company name was changed to Nichinichi pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1993 April Osaka headquarters was opened.
2004 March Tokyo headquarters was opened.
2006 January Chubu headquarters was opened.(Chubu headquarters changed its name to Chubu Logistics Services Center.)
2016 June Nagoya headquarters was opened.